Acrylic Portrait 2016
Acrylic Portrait 2016

After gaining a degree in Textiles and Design Management, Sue worked in printed textiles and graphic design for many years. She has studied Interior Design with the OCA, Botanical Painting, Pottery, Silk Painting, Portraiture, and, at the National Design Academy, Mural Design and Professional Paint Finishes.

In all Sue’s commission work, be it portrait or mural, one of her main motivations is to design the perfect finished product for the client – to be able to see their expression when they view their work for the first time and know she has made something unique and beautiful that they will treasure for many years to come.

“The portrait was so lifelike it brought tears to our eyes when we first saw it. It was her to a T. “ 

“You have captured his inner joy and happiness very well – it has a true WOW factor”

Her portrait work is split into two main areas – pencil (watercolour and graphite) and acrylic. The graphite and watercolour pencil portraits have great softness, depth and realism. The acrylic portraits, whether you choose a realistic or colourful and vibrant palette, will always make a bold statement.

Art workshops are another of Sue’s passions, designing and running events for a range of age groups.

Workshops are available in a diverse range of topics. Providing professional tuition, she loves guiding her clients to build confidence and skill, using her hands on demonstration technique.

“Everyone not only enjoyed the workshop and were impressed with your approach but felt they learnt a lot in a short time.

“It was so good to see both the children and the parents so engaged with the session.”

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